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What are super foods and why are they good?

The word superfood has become a very popular word in nowadays world. Altough it has no technical definition and no evidence that they are really super, and have very good health effects, it is always good to have plenty of fruits and healthy meats in your diet.

Basically Super Foods are foods what have a lot of vitamins in them, are nutritionally packed, and are very good for your health. These foods are mostly vegatables and fruits but there are some dairy products and meats what are also considered as a superfood.

A few of the most popular superfoods are acai, kale, almond, and blueberries. If a food is healthy, and good for your health, then it is basically a super food. Because as i said earlier it has no technical definition yet, it has no groups that it belongs to.

The media picked up these healthy foods a lot lately, because people are more interested in living healthier, and eating clean, and that is a very good thing. There are only a few good things that the media broadcasts, and this is one of them. These fruits tend to have a high level of antioxidants what can lower your stress levels, and protect your cells from dangerous radicals. These things are what you see and feel everyday, like alcohol, cigarette smoke, or smog. Many of these foods can lower your blood pressure as well, so if you have problems with your blood pressure, i strongly encourage you to change the way you eat!

What is the best way to fit these into your diet?

A lot of people think when they hear the term super food, that it means that you must only eat vegetables and fruits, and nothing else. Well, that is wrong. Eating super foods or getting a better diet does not mean you will only have to eat the vegetables you hate. There are a lot of meats, like chicken that are good for you, if you leave out the unhealthy stuff of it, like fat, and if you can get it organic.

If you want to live and eat healthy, you will have to mix these two things, and i promise you, that you will love it. There are so many fruits and vegetables to choose from. Go to your local grocery store and star browsing, I am sure, you will find something that you like. The easiest and fastest way to get these vitamins and nutrients in your body, is to make a smoothie, by blending these fruits together.

You don’t have to stick to one flavor. There are a lot of recipes online, with various fruits, so you can experiment something different every day. These smoothies are a great way to start your day with. They can also easily replace your breakfast, which I am sure it consists of tons of carbs. Or, you can make a smoothie any time during the day, just to get that fresh wave of super foods in your body.

You could try add some ice to it, so it refreshes you in a hot summer day as well!

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